We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." —Aristotle

Every day someone is working on their game.  If you are not, you are just falling behind.  But getting better at basketball is not just about working harder.  Its about training smarter.  We have a complete package of training opportunities to help players of all levels and abilities achieve their potential.  We offer a variety of skill specific classes like Handles and Shooting Form for beginners, or to help seasoned veterans hone their craft.  We offer our 75 Minute Skills & Shooting Class for players of all levels to work on 3-4 different skills in a session followed by 25-30 minutes of Shooting.  Advanced players can sign up for 90 Min Weekend Small Group Workouts with Coach Carlos.  And we also offer 30 minute and 60 minute private lessons for players to get 1 on 1 attention in areas specific to their individual needs.  Need a training plan put together to suit your own personal needs and budget, talk to coach Rich for a plan that will take your game to the next level.



You can now purchase Factory Training Memberships.  These memberships are game changers.  Factory Training Membershps allow members to book unlimited 60 Minute Skills & Shooting Classes, Handles Classes (30 min), Shooting Form Classes (30 min), Off-Hand Development Classes, Pivot Foot Classes, Strength Classes, Vertical Leap Classes, Speed & Agility Classes and OPEN SHOOT Mondays through Fridays during their Paid Membership Period.  These Classes are typically $15-$30 each, so gym rats can save a tremendous amount of money by purchasing a membership. Members also receive $5 off The Gun and 50% of Splash Class.

Membership options:

Month to Month:  $195 

4 Month:  $695   

6 Month:  $995   

Annual:  $1895     


60 Minute Skills & Shooting Class is an outstanding Cost Effective alternative to Private Lessons.  Players will typically work through 2-3 skills then do 15 minutes of shooting.  All Sessions begin with Ball Handling.  Other skills include scoring moves, rebounding, moving without the ball, speed training, etc.  The shooting portion is dedicated to getting up game speed shots.  We do not spend a lot of time teaching basic shooting form.  Our Shooting Form Class is dedicated to that.  Save money and buy a Pre-Paid Package.

Price:   $30       Book at the Factory


Tired of turning the ball over? Having trouble getting past defenders? Or just want to get better handles? Our Ball Handling Class is great for basketball players of all ages and skill levels.  This 60 minute class will take ballers through a series of productive ball handling drills designed to improve an athletes proficiency at handling the rock.  Crossovers, inside-out dribbles, behind the back, between the legs, and much much more.  Save money and buy a Pre-Paid Package.

30 Min. Price:   $15       Book at the Factory         60 Min. Price:   $30       Book at the Factory


Shooting the basketball well and with consistency takes a lot of work.  It also requires proper shooting form.  Our Shooting Form class will teach athletes the proper footwork, grip, and shooting mechanics to shoot the basketball better, with more consistency, and with more range.  This class is for all ages and skill levels.  To benefit the most, we strongly suggest taking the class several times and doing the assigned homework between visits to build muscle memory and lock in the correct mechanics.  Save money and buy a Pre-Paid Package.

30 Min. Price:   $15       Book at the Factory          60 Min. Price:   $30       Book at the Factory

Sometimes its best to have a private one on one lesson / training session with a trainer, where you can work one your specific area(s) of need.  Our one individual lessons will help you take your game to the next level by improving your shooting, your footwork, learning new scoring moves, and more.  Our lessons are 30 or 60 minutes in duration.  Save even more money by buying a Pre-Paid Package.

Private Basketball Lesson with Coach Carlos Medlock      Individual basketball lessons with Coach Rich at the Factory      Book a Private lesson with Jalen Sykes       Individual Basketball Lessons with Coach Kyle Gupton        Individual Basketball Lessons with Coach Shae Smith                               




Our 30 minute Off-Hand Development Class lead by Coach Jalen Sykes is designed to make you a more complete player.  Being able to attack and finish with either hand is required to play at the next level or to be affective where you are now.  During this 30 minute class, coach Jalen will take athletes through a challenging workout where they will use nothing but their off-hand to help increase confidence, skill and freedom while playing the game.   Save money and buy a Pre-Paid Package.

Price:   $15       Book at the Factory


Are you trying to improve your footwork and scoring around the basket? Looking to add a few post moves to your scoring arsenal or maybe just want to add some counter moves? Pivot Foot Class is the answer.  Everyone else is teaching you how to overdribble.  This class is going to help you score with as few dribbles as possible.  Its a game changer for players of every size and position.  This 30 Minutes class is packed with post moves, pivot foot work, finishing, and much more. This is a great class for players looking to make an impact on the next level.  Save money and buy a Pre-Paid Package.

Price:   $15       Book at the Factory


The best shooters get up hundreds of shots a day.  That is hard to do on your own if you don't have a rebounder.  The solution: our Shoot-a-Way 10K Gun.  You can get up hundreds of shots in a brief 30 minute session on the Gun.  Its affordably priced at only $25 for a 30 minute session. You can rent it individually or for a group (4 person max.).  Members save 20% and pay only $20. Non-members save money by buying a Pre-Paid Package of 10 for only $225.

Price:   $25       Book at the Factory


Do you want to play at the next level? Do you want to experience more success and play more on your current team? Being a proficient shooter is the key.  Shooting the basketball is a skill, and there is no secret or magic formula for becoming a better shooter. Step 1: Learn proper mechanics. Step 2: Repeat those proper mechanics hundreds of times a day to build muscle memory.  Splash Class is a two-week class, meeting three nights a week (see schedule). Shooters will be paired up at each of our 8 rims where they will alternate shooting and rebounding as shooters are lead through a 90 minute shooting program designed to improve their shooting off the catch and off the bounce.  Shooters will make hundreds of shots each in each session.  Only perfect makes (splashes) count in this shooting program. New sessions start every two weeks.   

Price:   $150       Book at the Factory    Member Price:  $75


The Mental Game will take your game to the next level.  Learn how to succeed in pressure situations, how to mentally prepare for competition, and how to out think your opponents.  If you are serious about basketball, this is a class you must take because the higher the level at which you compete, the more the mental game determines your performance and success.

The Mental Game Price for Athletes:    $30        Book at the Factory

The Mental Game Price for Parents:  $15 (with Student Registration)



The Next Level is an esssential class for any athlete dreaming of playing at the collegiate level.  Learn from coaches and current and former college athletes what is required to get to and have success at the next level.  We will cover skill development, work ethic, nutrition, the recruiting process, what to expect when you get there, and a lot more.

The Next Level Price for Athletes:    $30        Book at the Factory

The Next Level Price for Parents:  $15 (with Student Registration)



Looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? Buy them a gift that keeps giving; a gift voucher for training at the Factory. These vouchers are available in the following amounts: $25, $40, $50, $80 and $100.

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